02 Feb

All Hand Made

All of our furniture is hand made, we use a mix of traditional and modern techniques. We only use the best materials when creating each unique piece. Fine/ solid wood, Parchment, Shagreen, Straw Marquetry and Leather are a few examples of the materials used in our furniture. Each piece is custom and hand made in our shop to meet any desire. We bring our clients ideas to life, inspired by modern and traditional ideas our furniture is made to please and endure the test of time. Our shop strives on precision, dedication and excellence, there is no job too small or too large. Each piece is thoughtfully and thoroughly designed from concept to finish.

Our work is guaranteed and supported by more than 20 years of experience in furniture making. We incorporate each design idea with our craftsmanship, experience and integrity to develop a structurally and elegantly built piece of furniture. We offer a wide range of possibilities in custom made finishes. Our shop encourages and welcomes all ideas, we will calibrate and design a piece of quality furniture that is sure to delight and last for years to come.


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